Coronavirus toll reaches 170, over 7786 found positive
New Delhi: Thu, 30 Jan 2020 08:05, by: Sangita Roy

China is struggling with the outbreak of deadly Coronavirus, which is spreading rapidly. The outbreak of Coronavirus killed 170 people and over 7786 patients are infected till now. This is one of the most the deadliest outbreaks of Coronavirus.

Till yesterday the death count was 136, today on 30th January total death reaches 170. Here are country wise positive cases of coronavirus:

China: 7736
Thailand: 14
Singapore: 10
Malaysia: 7
Japan: 8
South-Korea: 4
Vietnam: 2
Nepal: 1
UAE: 4

China has reported a loss over of 170 lives due to virus infection, more than 7786 cases of infected reported across the world. The Coronavirus is spreading rapidly overnight and still there no treatment of this disease.

The deadly Coronavirus have spread over at least 18 countries of the world, including Germany, Australia and the United States. The epicenter of this disease is Wuhan city of China, where more than 100 people died due to Coronavirus infection.

The number of infection and loss of life is increasing very fast, although Chinese authorities are working hard to control this disease. According to the Chinese authorities the virus is not yet under control and spreading rapidly despite best efforts.

Governments, global companies and international health organizations are working towards controlling the outbreak of the Coronavirus. The fast uncontrolled spreading of virus is disrupting global business, many companies stopped their operations.

US evacuates their citizens from the Wuhan of China, many other countries already started evacuating their citizens from China.

The main concerns for health authorities of the respective countries are to control the spreading of the virus in their countries. The Coronavirus is spreading overseas as well; it is also found that the people who never visited China are falling ill in many counties including Germany, Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam.

W.H.O. yet not declared this as public health emergency, but warned with the statement  'must take.


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