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Meet the our team which is working with us to cover media events, conducts interviews and create reports for News Desk India. We have team of highly experience team of journalists, photo journalists and technical experts run our media house.

Deepak Kumar - Editor

Deepak Kumar is Science Graduate from Delhi University with more than 17 years of experience in Media and Technical field. With a background in Science and Media field, Deepak has been offering services in the media houses. He has worked as director and chief in many companies. During his journalistic career, he has achieved many milestones working in various organisations. As a technical writer, he is of scientific bend of mind and has done many glorious stories in the field during the career.


Phone: +91 9313063554

Sangita Roy - Technical Editor

Sangita Roy has been creating and managing technical contents for over a decade. She has extensive experience in reporting, writing technical materials, and conducting technical interviews. She is reporting, editing and managing technical news.


Phone: +91 9971440022

Rajesh Sharma - Reporter

Rajesh Sharma has more than 7 years of experience in media and reporting. Rajesh Sharma is covering sports, health and educations beat. Apart from writing and editing articles on for News Desk India, he also contributes to a local newspaper.


Phone: +91 9313586080

Deepak Mohanty - Contributor

Deepak Mohanty is a Hyderabad-based journalist, creative writer, and blogger. He has a keen interest in socio-political issues, international relations and current affairs. He writes for various online platforms and mostly contributes news articles, opinion pieces and movie reviews.


Phone: +91 7680932393

Uma Sivaprakash - Contributor

Uma Sivaprakash is a postgraduate of English Language and Literature from Calicut University.


Phone: 011 47520206

Vidaya Nand Mishra - Reporter

Vidaya Nand Mishra has rich experience in media industry covering political and commercial events. He is writing for online new portal and local news papers.


Phone: +91 9250143898

Neeraj Kumar - Reporter

Neeraj Kumar has rich experience in media industry. He is writing for online new portal and printed magazine.


Phone: +91 7042772189

Noor En Ahmed - Contributor

Graduated in Science and Post Graduated in Mass Communication from Makhan Lal National University of Journalism, Noor En Ahmed has been continuously working as freelance journalist, Web Content Writer, Ghost Writer and Financial Advisor till date. Started his career with RoseIndia Technology Pvt Ltd in 2006, he worked here a Technical Writer and Web Content Writer. During this period he worked for Newstrack india Website and continuously worked here till 2013. He loves writing, editing and original reporting. He can be contacted at round the clock and round the calendar.


Phone: +91 9565633570

Arun Kumar – Photo Journalist

Arun Kumar has rich 10 years of experience in Photo Journalism and work with to cover media events.


Phone: +91 9250143898

Sandeep Sharma – Photo Journalist

Sandeep Sharma has rich 6 years of experience in Photo Journalism and work with to cover media events. He also handles video editing and publishing responsibility.


Phone: +91 9990444021