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Newsdeskindia.com is a small effort of Roseindia Newsdesk Media Pvt. Ltd., a Delhi based web media company to provide hot, current and breaking news of all trendy beats including National and International Affairs, Society, Arts and Culture, Business, Sports, Health, Science and Technologies, Gadgets, Life Style in dual languages – English and Hindi to meet everyone's demand in India and world.

Besides updating the world with latest news, we also provide informative and analytical articles on relevant subjects and Relationship, Women, Weather, Ayurveda, Health and Travels. We do our maximum efforts to provide and news and articles in bilingual, but some articles can also be available in indigenous language.

Roseindia Newsdesk Media Pvt. Ltd. is an emerging web media company that is working on a wide range of domains including Ayurveda and Travel & Tourism. Besides cementing position on web, we are also approaching to enter in print media. Soon, we are going to launch our Ayurveda tri-monthly magazines and Tourism Special Editions.

The company endorses and encourages ideals of grassroots coverage, media advocacy and viewers' participations. The commendable audience is our real strength whose feedback and suggestions value us most. We welcome the contribution from all people regardless of their interest and making aware to all that is happening around us. So if you are thinking that we have left out some core issues, Please bring it to in our notice. We will try our best to cover it. You can also send your original written articles that can be uploaded in our website. But Remember, don’t breach the copyright rules.